Five must-have kitchen countertop appliances for 2019

We uncover five of the most-wanted kitchen gadgets in Australia in 2019, as searched-for by Getprice users.

While large ‘white goods’ appliances such as refrigerators are an integral part of any home kitchen, there are a whole load of smaller electric goods that make cooking a lot easier and, if you love to cook, a lot of fun. And we’re not just talking about toasters and kettles – there are plenty more small appliances available that make cooking up treats quick, easy and immensely enjoyable, whether it’s a pasta maker, a stand mixer, a breadmaker or a slow cooker.

As convenient as they are, you ought to take into account how – and possibly where – the device will fit into your kitchen and your lifestyle. If you have a small kitchen, chances are you won’t have too much space for something else on the countertop. If the small appliance can be tucked away into a cupboard, size is still a consideration. Moreover, if you don’t eat a lot of bread, there’s no point investing in a breadmaker. Instead, if you love making desserts, shopping around for a stand mixer might be a worthwhile purchase. Or maybe even a waffle maker, if that’s your family’s favourite meal.

There are different types of kitchen countertop appliances available in Australia, each with their unique function. However, there are some must-haves that we would recommend for anyone who loves to potter around the kitchen.

1. Blenders, stand mixers and food processors 

Whether you’re keen on baking, need a whole of veggies chopped, diced or julienned in a jiffy, or just want to mix up a batch of frozen margaritas, you’ll want one of these. 

2. Slow cookers and rice cookers 

If you work long hours and want to come home to a hot meal, you should definitely consider buying yourself a slow cooker. Just throw in all the ingredients in the morning before leaving for work, switch on the cooker, and come home to some hot stew or a one-pot home-cooked meal. If you’ve got a curry sitting in the fridge, just get some rice bubbling away in a rice cooker and you’ll have a hot meal in about 20 minutes.

3. Coffee makers and espresso machines
Many of us need to get our caffeine fix in the morning to function properly, but buying a coffee while on the way to work each day can be an expensive lifestyle. Instead, if you get yourself a coffee machine, you’ll be able to recoup the investment in no time by making your own cup o’ joe just the way you like it.

4. Wine coolers and soda makers
Oenophiles who are fussy about wine being stored at the right temperature and preserving an open bottle for longer should definitely consider getting a wine cooler. But if you want to reduce the amount of plastic being thrown away, or would love a cold drink without copious amounts of sugar and sodium in them, a home soda maker is just the thing for you. This non-electric appliance will churn out delicious fizzy drinks all year round – you just need to make sure the carbon dioxide canisters are full.

With so many small appliances to choose from, it’s easy to get difficult when trying to decide on which one you ought to reach for. At Getprice, we know what Aussies are keen on, so if you're looking for some ideas for inspiration, we've listed five of the most searched-for kitchen countertop appliances currently trending in Australia.

Philips HR2375/13 Avance Collection Pasta MakerPhilips HR2375/13 Avance Collection Pasta Maker

RRP: $329 | More info: Official Philips product page

Love pasta dishes? Then you ought to consider getting yourself a pasta maker, especially since freshly made pasta is way tastier than store-bought options. And for those of us who can’t be bothered to knead the dough the right way, this Philips Avance Collection pasta maker makes the whole process effortless – all you have to do is measure out the ingredients, select the program you want and let the machine do the rest for you. Easy as! The machine has four shaping discs for spaghetti, penne, fettuccine and lasagna. You can even experiment with healthy ingredients, colours and gourmet options. Activated charcoal pasta, anyone?

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Nature’s Wonderland Excalibur 9 Tray Food Dehydrator

RRP: From $299 | More info: Official Nature’s Wonderland product page

Food dehydration means removing about 75% of the water content of any fresh fruit or vegetable to increase the food’s shelf life. This method can allow food to last for decades, actually. And while we won’t recommend you hold on to our food for that long, dehydrating fresh produce can save you money without depriving you of the nutrient benefits of the food items. Removing moisture also shrinks the food, meaning they’re easier to store. Some of the more popular dehydrators available in Australia are from Nature’s Wonderland. The Excalibur food dehydrators come in different sizes, with some models even offering the added benefit of a timer. You can choose from four-tray option to one that has 10 trays for large families or for anyone who’d prefer to stock up in case of complete societal breakdown. 

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Westinghouse WHRC10C01SSWestinghouse WHRC10C01SS 10 Cup Rice Cooker

RRP: $69 | More info: Official Westinghouse product page

Rice cookers are handy appliances to have at home, especially if you love your curries. Just measure the rice and water, switch it on, and in less than half an hour you’ll have hot rice to enjoy with your favourite curry. While there are plenty of options to choose from, the 10-cup Westinghouse rice cooker stands apart from the crowd by allowing you to wash the stone-finish inner pot in the dishwasher. It holds 10 cups of cooked rice, has illuminated function indicators and keeps cooked rice warm until you’re ready to eat.

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Philips HD9651 XXL Avance Collection AirfryerPhilips HD9651 XXL Avance Collection Airfryer

RRP: $499 | More info: Official Philips product page

If you love to eat healthy, then you’re probably steering clear of deep-fried foods. But you don’t have to give them up if you get yourself an airfryer. This Philips model will let you not just fry food without the need for oil, but will also let you bake, grill and roast as well. The XXL family size interior will let you cook a whole chicken or whip up 1.4kg of chips in one go. The airfryer has five preset cooking programs and Philip’s patented TurboStar Rapid Air Technology removes fat from the foods you’re cooking for healthier eating.

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Cuisinart Vertical Waffle MakerCuisinart Vertical Waffle Maker

RRP: $139 | More info: Official Cuisinart product page

Get your fill of waffles by whipping up a batch of batter at home and making your own, served hot and fresh with maple syrup or any other topping you fancy. The vertical design of this Cuisinart Waffle Maker may look strange, but there’s a dedicated spout that distributes batter into the pan evenly without splashing. There are five different settings for how brown you want your waffles to get, and indicator lights let you know when the waffle has been cooked. In fact, there’s audio alert as well, in case you’d rather be social and look away from the countertop. The only thing to remember about this waffle maker is that it makes just one round yummy Belgian waffle at a time.

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