2k Play Birthday Party Bash

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2k Play Birthday Party Bash Nintendo Wii Game
Games include: - Birthday Blowout: Build up air to blow out rows of candles. - Bug Catcher: Catch seven different coloured bugs hiding in a playground. - Cake Stacker: Stack as many cake layers as possible on a precariously balanced plate. - Hat Mixer: A ball is placed under one of three hats, and the hats are mixed up. Players must guess where the ball is. - Pinata Blast: Whack a pinata to cause the candy to spill out, wins. - Hot Potato: Toss a potato from hot plate to hot plate while music plays. Don't catch the potato when the music stops. - Lazer Gremlin: Ride a conveyor belt in the toy factory while zapping gremlins away from the toys/presents. - Music Madness: Compete in a musical battle by pressing the correct button on the Wii remote in synch with visuals on screen. The difficulty increases as the music progresses. - Musical Chairs: Chairs are set in a circle, music plays, players dance, and a chair is removed. When the music stops the players race to sit in one the remaining chairs until only one is left. - Pin the Tail on the Donkey: A donkey hides behind a barn door. Listen to the sound to guess where the donkey is and place the tail. - Balloon Popper: Scores of balloons scroll on the screen. Pop the most to win. - Present Frenzy: Grab presents off a shelf and try to unwrap the most. - Red Light Green Light: Try to get from the starting line to the finish line, but don't move when the light turns red, or you'll be sent back three steps. - Rock Climber: Be the first to scale to the top of a rock wall. - Sack Race: Jump to victory a sack race. - Scribble: Try to colour a picture in a timed duration. - Puzzle Racer: Be the first to rearrange a pile of puzzle pieces into a complete picture. - Copy Cat: Watch the pattern of birthday objects being highlighted, and then repeat the pattern. The number of objects and the pace at which they are highlighted increases as the game progresses.
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