SCE Kingdom of Paradise

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SCE Kingdom of Paradise PSP Game
Three hundred years ago, five martial clans peacefully ruled Ohka, the center of the known world. In an attempt to gain total supremacy, the Kirin clan brutally attacked the four other martial clans to secure the Divine Swords, the symbols of absolute power. A young warrior named Shinbu, along with a girl named Suirin, are the only survivors of their clan. Set in a vast, living world, players will learn to master five styles of martial arts and explore active environments in a crusade to defeat an evil clan. Kingdom of Paradise features more than 150 styles of programmable sword fighting, 15 types of Qigong martial arts, wireless multiplayer connectivity via ad hoc mode (plus downloadable content via infrastructure mode), and more than 20 hours of gameplay set in a fantastical world. Features: - Programmable Attacks and Combos – Select from more than 150 sword attacks and combos. Defeat enemies and collect scrolls to increase Shinbu’s martial arts skills. With Ad Hoc connectivity, players can share moves and skills gained through battle. - Downloadable Content – Download and use new swords, defensive items, and various skills through the Wi-Fi Infrastructure Mode. - Expansive, 3D Action-RPG – More than 20 hours of gameplay are unfolded in an epic tale with beautiful, interactive environments and characters. - Mythical Creatures and Enemies – Interact with 21 characters designed by Korean animator Ko Jinho. Utilizing a distinct anime style, Kingdom of Paradise incorporates storybook lands and awe-inspiring creatures. - One-on-One Fighting Action Via Ad Hoc Mode – Players can engage in classic, one-on-one 3D fighting via Ad Hoc Mode.
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