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Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus

Rp18.999.000,00 - Rp18.999.000,00

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus, a notable addition to the Galaxy series, has been eagerly awaited by enthusiasts in Australia. Released on 7 February 2024, this smartphone offers a blend of high-end features and innovative technology. The Galaxy S24 Plus is available in two storage options: the 256GB model ($1,699) and the 512GB variant ($1,899), catering to different user needs.

One of the most prominent features of the Galaxy S24 Plus is its display. It boasts a 6.7-inch QHD+ screen, providing a vibrant and immersive viewing experience. This is an upgrade from the previous model's FHD+ display, illustrating Samsung's commitment to enhancing visual quality. The ultra-slim bezels further enhance the screen's real estate, making it ideal for various multimedia activities.

In terms of performance, the Galaxy S24 Plus introduces a new and improved heat dissipation system, featuring a larger vapour chamber than its predecessor. This development is particularly beneficial for gaming enthusiasts, ensuring optimal performance during intensive use.

Battery life is another area where the Galaxy S24 Plus excels. It's equipped with a 4,900mAh battery, promising extended usage times. Users can expect up to 31 hours of video playback and up to 92 hours of music listening, a significant improvement over its predecessor.

The camera system on the Galaxy S24 Plus is a highlight, featuring a triple rear camera setup. This includes a 50MP wide-angle camera with 2x optical quality zoom, a 12MP ultra-wide camera, and a 10MP 3x optical zoom camera. The Nightography feature, enhanced by a dedicated ISP block, allows for brilliant low-light photography and videography, even on the selfie camera. This advancement in camera technology is further complemented by the ProVisual engine, which enhances detail and colour in photos.

Samsung has integrated AI throughout the Galaxy S24 Plus, offering features like AI Zoom for improved zoom photos, Generative Edit for image editing, and Live Translate for communication in different languages. These AI features require a Samsung and Google account, and an internet connection may be required for some features.

The Galaxy S24 Plus also introduces Chat Assist, adding a new layer of expression to messaging across various platforms. It's particularly useful in contexts such as crafting messages that sound appropriate for the situation, whether it's a formal setting or a casual chat.

For those concerned about security, the device is fortified with Knox Matrix, offering multi-device security. This feature ensures the safety of your data and privacy.

In terms of design, the Galaxy S24 Plus is available in several colours, including Cobalt Violet, Amber Yellow, Onyx Black, and Marble Grey. Additional exclusive colours like Jade Green, Sapphire Blue, and Sandstone Orange are available only on Samsung's website.

In summary, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus stands out with its enhanced display, powerful battery, superior camera capabilities, and innovative AI features. It is an ideal choice for users looking for a high-performance smartphone that can handle a range of tasks from gaming to professional photography.

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Data Capabilities Bluetooth, Wi Fi, 4G, 5G
Features Camera, Front Facing Camera, AI
Colour Black, Grey, Yellow, Violet
Phone Type touchscreen
Operating System Android

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